You CAN have a fabulous life at work, in love and at home.


My courses will show you how.


I believe it's possible to create the life of joy you crave and desire. If you want a higher salary or stronger business, a beautifully decorated home and/or a sizzling hot love life, you've come to the right school.

Let's get you moving on the road to fabulosity.

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Cheryl Grace

My name is Cheryl Grace and I believe it’s possible to live the life of joy you crave and desire. Whether you’re seeking to up-level your career or business, create a beautifully decorated and peaceful home environment, and /or simply bask in a sizzling hot and committed love life I can help you. Not only have I started from scratch and successfully created a fabulous lifestyle for myself in these areas, I’ve helped my clients achieve beyond-expectations success as well.

I offer these quick but thorough, self-paced, online courses for those who want to try to go it alone with the help of solid advice and proven tactics in each course. However, for some, only 1:1 personalized coaching will do, so check out my coaching services here on as well.


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Cheryl is such an inspiring leader and I love the practical advice she gives - she is just so real, it's refreshing

Christina Breneman

Cheryl is the Beyonce of Corporate America!

Tiye Barnes

Cheryl is the Beyonce of Corporate America!

Tiye Barnes

Sometimes I pinch myself because I still can't believe I'm finally living the life I always dreamed of thanks to her. I love my life!!

Maya McChristian